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Creative corporate & business photography in the studio and on location


Are you looking for a polished business portrait to complement your professional social media pages or a photo that shows your more personal side? Or a combination of both?

In my studio, conveniently located in Amsterdam Center East, I offer tailor-made portrait sessions for professionals. Or you may want portraits made at a location that tell the story of you and your business.

As an experienced photographer, I work with people who feel at ease while being photographed and the more camera shy. By making actual contact during a photo session, we work together to create images that show who you are, what you stand for, and what you want others to see.

Clients include large and small businesses, freelancers, job seekers, artists, and everyone who needs representative photos of themselves to help promote their work and skills.

My name is Adrienne Norman, and I would love to make your portrait!

How it works

The following is a guideline for creating a successful portrait session at Studio7n.

  • Before the portrait session - Please look at the packages below to see what works best for you. If you have any questions, give me a call or e-mail. My packages usually fulfill the requirements of most clients, but if you need something different, don't hesitate to let me know so we can discuss the possibilities. 
  • At the beginning of the session - I make a series of test photos while looking for the best light and camera angles: This gives you time to get used to being photographed and, to me, your photographer.
  • During the session - I give you tips and coaching to relax in front of the camera and be yourself. We take a few short breaks to view the images. Let me know what you like and dislike. The more I know, the better we can work together.
  • After the session - Within three to five working days, you receive an online gallery with an ample selection of your best portraits - from here, you choose the picture(s) you want to use.
  • The final product - Portraits that you will be confident about sharing on your website and professional pages. Your photographs are perfectly edited for color and contrast and lightly retouched for a natural look, delivered within three to five working days as digital Jpg files in a high resolution for print work and a low resolution for the internet. The photos are royalty-free for your personal and company use.
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Portrait in the studio.

Business portrait essential

Sometimes just one good portrait is enough to freshen up your website and social pages - an ideal session for the busy professional who needs a straightforward yet eye-catching head and shoulder portrait.

Including 1 retouched portrait and the following services:

45-minute photo session.
Choose your background color; black, white, neutral gray, or beige tints.
One outfit change.

*€ 145,-

Extra images € 35,- per photo.
*All prices excl. 21% btw.

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Business portrait extended

Do you need a broader selection of photos with different styles of photography and clothing? Then this portrait session is perfect for you! Show the different sides of yourself in this 90-minute portrait session.

Including 4 retouched portraits and the following services:

1.5-hour photo session.
Choose one or two background colors; black, white, neutral gray, or beige tints. More colors are available on request.
Three outfit changes.

*€ 295,-

Extra images €35,- per photo
*All prices excl. 21% btw

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Portrait session for companies with personnel

Receive a reduced price when you book a headshot session for three or more people on the same day.

Including 1 retouched portrait per person and the following services:

30-minute photo session p.p.
Choose the same background color for all portraits; black, white, neutral gray, or beige tints. More colors are available on request.
One outfit change (time permitting).

*€ 95,- p.p.

Extra images €35,- per photo
*All prices excl. 21% btw

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Portfolio business portraits

FAQ' business portrait

Preparing for your portrait session

My mission as a photographer is to show you that having your portrait made by a professional photographer is a pleasant and painless experience.  To take full advantage of your portrait session, please read the tips below.

More importantly, come to the studio well rested and ready to expect well-made portraits that you can use with confidence.

Tips on clothing, hair and makeup

While you can wear whatever you like, there are definite guidelines to guarantee that you look your best in photos. Below are my tried and true suggestions for selecting what to wear for your headshots.

Colors that compliment your skin and hair tones are best. I don’t recommend bright colors and prints as they can appear too busy in a portrait and take control of the image, but please wear them if this fits your style!

Choose form-fitting & figure-hugging clothing.
It might seem counterintuitive, but you will want to select tighter-fitting clothing to look slimmer in photos. The problem with a loose shirt is that it will make you look larger than you are. While we can see how the fabric moves around a body in real life, we only see the outer shape in a still photograph.

Choose sleeves and necklines that are flattering.
Most people have concerns about the way their arms look. While this isn’t an issue if you’re wearing a suit or a blazer, sleeves can play a significant role for those who want to wear a dress in their headshot.
The rule of thumb is to avoid cap sleeves as they will make your shoulders look wider in pictures. If you have toned arms, sleeveless shirts and dresses are acceptable or choose the universally flattering 3/4-length sleeves.
Once again, you’ll want to make sure that the sleeves are form-fitting and not puffy, as this will make your shoulders and arms look larger or might draw attention away from your face.

Avoid an oversized turtleneck or collars that are either too tight or loose.
If you wear a tie, it needs to be neatly tied and well fitted.

Wear jewelry that won’t overpower your portrait.
When it comes to jewelry or watches, keeping things simple is best. Unless you have a specific style you are known for, go for dainty necklaces and bracelets that won’t distract from your face in a portrait.

If you wear them, you should keep them on for your portrait. It’s a part of who you are.
Anti-glare glass is preferable, but I can usually work around the non-glare glass to eliminate most glare. Photochromic eyewear is unsuitable as the studio lamps will darken them and hide your eyes.
Tip: if you want a portrait without glasses, make sure not to wear them at least one hour before the session.

If you wear light makeup, the general rule of thumb is to apply your makeup with a slightly more heavy hand than usual, emphasizing ‘slightly.’
If you are known for your distinct makeup style, come as you are!
If you don’t wear makeup, I might apply a light powder to prevent shine.

If you use a foundation, check before the photo session that the foundation does not contain SPF or Sun Protection Factor. SPF is usually not a success in combination with studio flash as it causes too much shine on the face.

If you use mascara, make sure you use good mascara that doesn’t stick your lashes together.

In conclusion
I want you to feel at ease and as much as yourself as possible during the portrait session. These are my suggestions only – I trust my clients to choose outfits that will bring out their personality and flair.

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