Bye-bye 2021

The last two years have been difficult for many of us during the Covid pandemic, for some more than others. As a photographer, I lost a substantial amount of work photographing Amsterdam’s international corporate and business events.

RAI Amsterdam, December 30. 2019

That said, something else happened. During the pandemic, I am still receiving assignments from other freelancers and independent business owners who need well-made photos of themselves—a big shout out to all my clients during the pandemic and the near future! Also, the architect of the crazy triangular building to the left purchased the above image for his private collection.


Branding photography for independent business owners.
Independent business owner.

Another branch of photography that spiked, to my pleasant surprise, during Covid is my Family Photography services. Thanks to all the families who visited my studio for their portraits and those I photographed in their homes.

Sisters: Family portrait in the studio.


Family portrait made at their home: A gift from the husband for his wife.


Mother and father with their children in the studio, commissioned by the mother.


‘With daughter Myrna,’ commissioned by the father.

The above photo is especially dear to me because the father was inspired by my portrait series ‘Fathers and Daughters’ made between 1997-1999 and wanted a portrait based on my vision. To see this project go to the portfolio Fathers and Daughters