Chats and meetings

Street photography is definitely not my genre, but I do love just walking around and talking to people. At the same time, I have a weird kind of shyness when it comes to photographing others that I have just met. It is always a challenge for me to know the right moment to ask and set up my camera for the best lighting.

The above photo was made while setting out for an early morning walk around 7am. Low and behold, I met my son coming home after a long night out with his friends. It’s a badly made photo technically wise, and I wasn’t happy that he and his friends are still hanging out during Covid-19, but he’s an adult. The moment itself reminds me of my youth as a city kid way back in the 1980s and coming home when others were on their way to work.

Later in the afternoon, I made the photo below.  Although I love it, at first I didn’t want to make it because the lighting was so hard and I didn’t have the right equipment with me to fill in the dark shadows. The moment itself, however, was more important than any technical issues. This photo and all others below were made while walking around Amsterdam with friend and colleague Jacqueline Tellinga, who is a Dutch Urbanist. Since 2013 I have been working with Jacqueline documenting her self-build projects and living smaller (Tiny Housing) in The Netherlands. You can visit her site at

During Covid-19, we walk as much as possible together for the exercise and choose different neighborhoods in Amsterdam, looking at the architecture, landscape, and chatting with people we meet on the way.


Working in the garden, Amsterdam-Zuidoost


Way of life, Gaasperplas


Neighbors, Watergraafsmeer