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Creative family portrait photography by Adrienne Norman

Creative family photography
Camile and her family getting ready for the portrait session


In my atelier, I offer creative and professionally made family photography. Everybody who wants a well-made portrait of themselves or a loved one is welcome; individuals, best friends, couples, children and adults, siblings, and cousins.

Most people who come to have their portrait made are, in the beginning, a bit shy – for this reason, we don't start photographing right away. First, I offer you a cup of coffee or tea so that you can get accustomed to the surroundings and me, your photographer Adrienne Norman.

My photo studio is an informal and friendly workspace within an artist's collective in the Czaar Peterbuurt. A visit to our building is an adventure in itself, and both children and adults quickly feel at ease here.

How it works

  • Before the photo session - I like to discuss the possibilities and expectations and answer any questions. We also agree on how many people are in the session, the estimated time it will take, and when. 
  • During the photo session - Within the relaxed setting of my studio, we take all the time needed to make your best portraits.
  • After the photo session - Within seven working days, you receive an ample selection of your best portraits - from here you choose the photos you want to use.
  • Your chosen portraits - are professionally edited and retouched for a natural look.
  • The final product - is a beautiful portrait of your loved ones printed on premium quality FineArt photo paper. Examples of different printing and presentation options are available in my studio.

Portfolio family photography

In the studio and on location

Pricing group portraits for families

The starting price for a family portrait session in the studio is *€225- and includes the following services:

  • 45-minute portrait session for a group portrait of up to 5 people.
  • For group portraits of up to nine people, there is a surcharge of €7,50 p.p.
  • An online gallery for sharing and ordering prints.
  • One 20x30cm photo of your favorite group portrait printed on Fine Art photo paper valued at €50

When you want something different from the included 20x30cm print, larger prints and presentation options are available for viewing in my studio. I offer prints up to 60x90cm and everything in between!

*All prices for family portrait photography include 9% vat.

Get in touch to book a session or ask for more info

FAQs Studio7n Family Photography

Pure portrait photography. We work together to create images that bring out the best in you and your loved ones by careful use of lighting and making actual contact with you during the photo session. My goal is to create artistic portraits that are realistic and timeless, photos that you and your family will enjoy looking at in the years to come. 

Firstly, I don’t have any specific preferences about what you wear as long as you are comfortable and your clothes are wrinkle-free before we start photographing. However, I do have a few ‘favorite preferences’ and tips that you can consider while still focusing on what makes you, you.

As a portrait photographer, I mainly want your face to be the center of attention. Neutral clothing in subdued shades is most suitable, especially if there are three or more people in one photo. Therefore, avoid bold stripes or busy designs. A small pattern is appropriate.

However, children often have a favorite item of clothing that may not meet my advice. Please let them wear their favorite outfit, but do bring extra clothes.

Necklines and sleeves

When choosing a shirt or dress, consider the neckline. Avoid an oversized turtleneck or collars that are either too tight or loose. I prefer shirts and dresses that have long or 3/4 length sleeves. Too much skin can be a distraction from your face in a portrait.


If you usually wear jewelry, definitely wear it. Large necklaces and earrings can be distracting, so I do recommend smaller pieces. However, if you are known for your big and bold jewelry, wear it!

As for glasses, if you wear them, you should keep them on for your portrait. It’s a part of who you are. Anti-glare glass is preferable, but I can usually work around the non-glare glass to eliminate some glare.

Photochromic eyewear is not suitable as the studio lamps will darken them and hide your eyes.

Hair and makeup

If you plan on having your hair cut, make sure you have it done at least ten days before the photo session! A new hairstyle needs time to settle and look natural. If you wear makeup, the general rule of thumb is to apply your makeup with a slightly more heavy hand than usual, emphasizing ‘slightly.’


Colors that compliment your skin and hair tones are best.
In general, I don’t recommend bold prints as they can appear too busy in a portrait and take control of the image, especially in group portraits. However, if you are a bright pattern person, don’t shy away.

In conclusion

I want you to feel at ease and as much as yourself as possible during the portrait session.
These are my suggestions only – I trust my clients to choose outfits that will bring out their personality and flair.

I strive for a portrait session that is enjoyable for both parent and child. A few tips can help:

  • Come to the studio well-rested. Especially for children, the more tired they are, the less likely they will enjoy being photographed.
  • Avoid promising children a reward after the session, as this may lead them to want to leave within a few minutes of arriving!
  • During the session, do not endlessly comb hair and straighten clothes. Also, don’t tell the children how to sit, stand, laugh. I know it is difficult to ignore these kinds of directions. But: my best portraits come about when the parents withdraw or even leave the studio.