An elderly man wrapped in a blanket

Father’s Day

As a daughter, I was never very active in celebrating or honoring my dad on Father’s Day. For me, it is just another commercial event. Still, when it comes around every year, I think about him more than usual, especially since he passed away three years ago.

While writing this post, I am doing some quick online research regarding Father’s Day traditions. It seems to be a worldwide theme, celebrated on different dates depending on the country. In some countries, it’s even a national holiday!
Unfortunately, I have not found a country where Mother’s Day is a national holiday…

My father was born in 1934 in Australia.
According to Wikipedia: – The idea of Father’s Day wasn’t initially well-received in Australia in the 1910s and 1920s. Many thought it was either unnecessary or undermined a father’s assumed “supremacy” as head of the household.

As much as I knew my father’s father, he did not seem like a guy who assumed “supremacy.”
With all certainty, I know that my father never assumed any kind of supremacy over me as his daughter.

The above photo of my father was made in Sydney, Australia, in 2015. 


Man smelling flowers
Brian smelling the flowers, Los Angeles, California, 2011.