Upcoming exhibition – GenerationZ: What’s Next?

Self with the portrait of Jim, 7 months old.

In February this year, Stichting de Stadverbeeldt awarded me the commission to make a series about the period when my 21-year-old son Jim left home for their group show – ‘GenerationZ; What’s Next?’

For an intense period of nine weeks, I followed Jim and his friends in their daily life and photographing life with his roommates in their first apartment away from the family home.

At a certain point, I wasn’t able to photograph what I needed in the apartment, so I asked the son if it would be possible to roommate with them for a week or so. The answer was – ‘Absolutely not!’
After explaining what I wanted to photograph, the son and his roommates agreed that I could have the keys to their apartment to make the photos I needed.

But there is more; my project description also included self-portraits depicting how it is for me as a parent when a child leaves home, a challenging self-assignment.

The photos in this blog post did not make the final selection for the exhibition but are an essential part of the process. With this, I welcome you to visit the show.

For details on what, when, and where, visit the below link.