Good morning

Jim, Amsterdam, September 2019

A selection of photos made of my son throughout the years. Never an early riser, one of my favorite things is photographing him when he just waking up. Recently while setting up the lights for a portrait assignment I managed to grab and ask him if he would quickly pose for me to see if the lighting was good. Although my 19 year old was very tired after a night out with his friends, he agreed to pose for a few minutes, the above portrait being the result.



My son is used to his mother pointing the camera at him. At a certain moment however, he became tired of me always photographing him and said he only wanted me to make pictures if it was ‘really important’. Fair enough… 

The last photo in this series is a portrait of my father and his grandson Jim. Extremely difficult light that took me a while to figure out the technical issues. This fleeting moment and the time it took to make the portrait was not only an important moment for me, but also for my son. Grandpop has Alzheimer.


Jim with his grandfather