“From the corner of your eye you see a stranger. Unintentionally your attention is drawn. You take a look. Just for a second, a thousandth of a second. Too long! Don’t look. It’s improper. Looking away always happens too late. The person in question knows that he or she is being looked at. It is an uncomfortable confrontation, unwanted by both parties. With a blank stare you each go your own way. “This skin is me, I can’t get out”. People with a chronic skin affliction are used to being looked at. They are prisoners within a skin that constantly flakes, hurts, and itches. Their outward appearance does not always represent their inner self. They have no control over how others see them, how others fantasize about them. Interactions are hasty and there is no defense. The people portrayed here give you their permission. You may look, neither secretively nor as a voyeur from the corner of your eye who is afraid of being caught. You may look as long and as intensely as you like. With full attention and straight in the eye.”

Text Tanny Dobbelaar, fotografie Adrienne Norman