Privacy statement

6 april 2019

How I handle your data

Under the AVG Act (called GDPR in Europe), companies must comply to a number of data retention and protection standards from 25 May 2018. Companies must also indicate how they deal with personally sensitive information.


My identity is Adrienne Norman Photography. I am registered in the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as a sole proprietorship under number 34313824.

Careful handling of your data

I store the following data: Your first and last name; company name; address; postal code; city; telephone numbers (mobile and landline), email address(es); websites; dates of last contact; our email exchange.

Principles and objectives

The principles on which I store your data are those of ‘performance of a contract’ and of ‘Justified Interest’. Your data is stored for two purposes: performing your assignments, and showing my work (through Direct Marketing and Social Media Marketing).


Your data will be treated confidentially. They will not be made available to third parties. The only exception to this is that I give your information to a fellow photographer who is going to do an assignment for you because I am unable to do it myself.

Storage, protection and duration

Your data will be stored in my financial administration; in my email program and my calendar. The security of my data is basic. The mentioned programs are protected with a password/username and my network is protected by a firewall. My website stores all the data you leave on my contact form. My website is protected against infringement and hacking.

I regularly clean up my data. Details of relations with whom I have no further contact will be removed from my systems after 5 years.


Neither I, nor my company, can be held liable for any damage you may incur as a result of the use of your data that takes place without my permission.


Anyone who uses my contact form, and/or gives an assignment, indicates that I may store his or her data in the manner indicated above, and for the purposes indicated above.

This website only uses functional cookies to ensure that my website works as smoothly as possible. If you continue to use the website, I will assume that you agree with it.

General terms and conditions

Adrienne Norman is a member of DuPho | Dutch Photographers Association.

Adrienne Norman Photography uses the general terms and conditions as drawn up by DuPho. These terms and conditions apply to all our communications, agreements and activities. They protect me and you.

DUPHO Algemene Voorwarden (NL)
DUPHO General Terms and Conditions (EN)