Portrait studies


Portraits made throughout the years, sometimes during a short meeting, but more often than not of family and friends or people that I have tried to get to know. A work in progress... 

Skin Stories


Living with a chronic skin disorder. In 2000 writer and philosopher Drs. Tanny Dobbelaar invited photographer Adrienne Norman to portray people with a chronic skin disease for a series of interviews she wanted to make with skin patients. Their work together turned into a two-year collaboration and resulted in numerous national and international exhibitions and the publication of the Dutch language book ‘Heftig vel’. The book was launched in 2002 during the exhibition of the portraits in The Melkweg Photographers Gallery in Amsterdam.

La Jolla street portraits


During a visit to my home state Southern California I stood daily with my camera in busy public areas where I talked to and photographed women passing by. The portraits were made within a few minutes of our first meeting and are a study of my fascination for beauty ideals and the outward appearance of people.

The portraits were exhibited during the Dutch photography festival BredaPhoto 2005 'Reconstructed Beauty'.
The prints for this exhibition were made possible by the Prins Bernhaard Cultuurfonds/Tijlfonds.

In the media


Reviews and interviews

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Zwarte Piet


Portraits of department store employees during Sinterklaas in downtown Amsterdam, 2011

Show girl, Houston TX, USA 1984


As a young photographer in the 1980's I had the belief you had to become what you want to photograph, so I started working as a waitress in different striptease bars hoping to make photo's. That didn't work because I could not get close to the women I really wanted to portray, the dancers themselves. To make a long story short I worked as a dancer for a few months in a rather seedy bar during the lunch shift where I befriended and talked to other young women who allowed me to make photo's. As an artist I was also deeply inspired by George Orwell's book 'Down and out in Paris and London'.

Oostelijke Eilanden, Amsterdam 1988


During my first visit to The Netherlands I became fascinated by the desolate Eastern Harbor area of Amsterdam. Once a busy industrial port, by the 1980's it was inhabited mostly by squatters, artists and boat people. For many it was considered a 'no go area' at the edge of the city. In the 1990's urban development started and the area was transformed into a new residential area.

My work was purchased by the The Amsterdam City Archives in 1990.