Wild Posting

When an advertising agency recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to photograph a ‘wild posting campaign’ I had no idea what that entailed exactly. I was interested in finding out and took the job.

The examples in the briefing showed busy shopping areas, but the streets right now were, of course, not busy due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the people who were out and about were not looking at the posters, except when the fly poster man was busy with his work. For this reason, I actually stopped people and asked them to look at the posters:)

At a certain point, the wild poster professional asked me to make sure that I also documented how carefully he pasted each poster next to one another to be in perfect alignment. The pride he took in his work was good to know, which made it even more interesting to watch him at work.

Because of the Corona crisis and the cancellation of events in Amsterdam, he and his colleagues have very little work, as do many small shopkeepers and businesses in Amsterdam.

If you are looking for a professional to ‘wild post’ your campaign/project check out https://outdoorimage.nl/